Sunday, 24 November 2013

So Christmas is just around the corner, and I have packed in some chocolate for Ingrid's Teachers.
Here is what you need:-
  • A bar of chocolate (mine is 3inches x 10,5 inches long).
  • Card measuring 11inches x 8 inches I used white card).
  • Card measuring 11 inches x 2,3/4 inches.
  • Extra white card for Your wings and star
  • Brown card for Your star
  • Ink ( I used versafine Vintage Sepia ).
  • Inking tool ( or you can use a sponge).
  • Ribbon measuring 24 inches x 1/2 inch wide.
  • Tape runner or double sided tape.
  • Glue pen.
  • Glitter.
  • Stamp and stamping Block.
  • Tim Holtz layered wings die.
  • Big shot.
  • Small fir cones ( I found mine in the Woods but I'm sure you can buy them or make Your own from paper, maybe using a Timy Holtz die.
  • Star dies ( or you can cut by hand ).
  • Christmas picture.
  • Small angel.
  • foam stickers.
Here is my chocolate bar
First take your card measuring 11 inches x 8 inches and score at 2 inch.....then 2,5 inch......then at 5,5 inch and then at 6 inch.

   Now ink all your edges.

Take your ribbon and glue it it to your card in the centre along 4 panels leaving the last panel free.
Now taking Your 11 inches x 2,3/4 inches card ink all edges
Then attach the panel to your card in the middle.



Now take your angel and add some extra wings using Your Tim Holtz layered wings. I used to two smallest wings. Ink the edges and then using Your glue pen dab a little ink around the wings and add glitter. I also used a dab of glue pen on the angel it self and added a little glitter.


I then stamped a Christmas stamp on to white card and cut it out using dies. Of course you could do this with scissors. Then attach Your star to a Brown star.


I then printed a Picture from the Internet and I highlighted it With my glue pen and glitter.


Now it's time to stamp and cut out. Here my stamp says" Christmas Greetings to you and Yours". Once you have finished turn it over and add some foam stickers to the back.


 I glued  my angel to the card panel and I glued two small pine cones to show that she is leaning on them.
  I then added my star underneath the angel, Put my Christmas Message on and then I added my Christmas scene. The last thing to do is insert your chocolate and tie your ribbon.

To make sure your cut is straight whilst using your dies use a small piece of invisible tape to attach Your die to Your card. Slowly peel away and no paper should tear and you will have a nice and neat die cut.

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