Saturday, 5 September 2015

How to make a shaker card

You will need.

card stock.

Picture ( I stamped mine and coloured with Copics).

Square dies ( or what ever shape you want ).

If you don't have dies you can cut out a frame.

Transparency film (what you use for over projectors).

Micro beads.


3Dfoam squares. 

Start by choosing the picture you want for your shaker card. Here is my stamped picture. The stamp is from the   gorjuss selection. I have mounted it onto a background card.

Next you need to cut out a frame if you use dies then it's best to cut the largest shape first and then use the smaller size die to cut out the inner hence you make a frame like in the picture below.

 The next stage is to cut out your transparency to fit the frame. Like in the picture below. I used a thin line of glue.

Now you need to stick your 3D foam squares on to the frame making sure there are no gaps. ( if there are gaps then when you shake your card your beads will fall out). Make sure your 3D foam squares are within the frame, you might have to cut them depending on the sizes you use. See photo below.

Now here is the tricky part. I like to have my picture flat on the table. I then place a thin line of glue over the 3D foam squares. 



I then have the beads ready and as I lay the frame over the picture I place three sides gently down on the picture whilst at the same time I put in the micro beads in the top opening using a table spoon. Once all the beads are in I then close and press the entire frame to the picture.

Once the glue has dried I then make the rest of the card up. Try and think out of the box you can make any shape into a shaker card the secret is to make sure you frame is completely sealed with the 3D foam.

Good luck.



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