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                                   Wedding Cake Box

I would suggest that you read this post before you start to make Your card.

Materials you will  need :-

  1. 1. 30cm x 30cm ark of paper for the Box you will need extra for the lid.
  2. Paper to decorate
  3. Scor-pal
  4. cutting blade or scissors.
  5. Glue gun.
  6. Dies
  7. Compass
  8. Decorations of flowers and ribbon.

How to make:-

  • First cut Your paper to 30cm x 30cm. ( I use white card )

Then you need to score your paper every 10cm first from the top then turn and score from the show by the red lines in the photo below.

Now you should score from corner to corner shown by the green lines in the  photo below.

Your card should look like the photo below. The red lines show where you have now scored.

Now you need to cut you corners .......marked by the blue lines on the photo below


This is what is should look like once Your corners have been cut.

(Sorry it's a little hard to see where the score lines are)....shown in the photo below.




You are now ready to form the base of your box by folding all your score lines.
So now you have made your base it's time to make your lid.
Using the same type of paper or thin card you will need a piece measuring 14,8 cm by 14,8 cm.
Using Your scor-pal or bone folder score the first shown by the red lines on the photo below.
Now Clip the lines in the shown by the green lines in the photo below.
Your lid should look something like the above photo.

Now glue all the corners together. I use small pegs to keep them in Place whilst the glue is drying.........As shown in the photo below.

You now have your cake Box. All you have to do is now make your cake and decorate it.
For the cake you Will need:-
2 pieces of 30cm x 5 cm
1 piece of 24cm x 4cm
1 piece of 16cm x 3 cm.
As shown in the photo below
TIPS:- If you bend your card one side will bend much easier than the other side, have a play With Your paper before you cut it. It's much easier if you cut on the bendy side as you are going to wrap this card or paper around Your cake
Now score in at 0,5cm ( half a cm) on both sides of the strips.... NOTE only score on one side of the two largest strips. The photo below show scoring on both sides of all the strips but you only do this if you do not want a box under your cake.

Next you need to fold on your score lines. Again only on one side if you want to have a box under your cake.

Cut your folded lines as shown in the photo below. (Yes I have it right this time ).

Look at the photo below you will need:-
  • 2 x 4 inch circles.
  • 2 x 2 circles just a little smaller than your 4 inch circles ( this is going to be the base of your bottom layer) ( this is your box under the cake).
  • 3 x 3inch circles
  • 3x 2inch circles
  • The photo below says centimetres this is wrong it should read inches

Now take Your circle and Your strip and glue them together as shown in the photo below.
Once they are all glued then put glue another circle on top so that you hide all the edging........ As shown in the photo below.

Once you are happy glue the layers of Your cake together REMEMBERING that the one size smaller than the 4cm circle is glued to the Box base and then the rest of the cake just sits on top.

Now it's time to decorate your box..... as shown in the photo below.

 I have used my computer and printed out some sayings then used some dies to cut them out. I have then glued them inside the box.

Here you can see how the inside of your cake. Here I have written the bride and grooms names and the date of their wedding. You could also put money in here or a small gift as the cake sits on top of this box.

I used some mirror card and punched out these angels and I glued them inside the lid of the box.

Here is my lid after it has been decorated.

Now it's time to decorate Your cake. Here are some photo's to show you how I have decorated mine. NOTE:- There isn't a lot of Space to decorate the top of the cake because there is a very short gap between the cake and the lid............I first glued some lace to the layers of cake then I glued some silver band before I put the flowers on. As the lace was only one width I glued the lace on the the largest layer in the middle then then next layer I glued it from the top by the time I came to the top layer the lace covered all the sides

Here is my cake in the box.

                          Here are two lids that are decorated.

Finally here is my cake in the box. These are wedding cakes but of course you can make Your cake for any occasion.



Here I have made one in blue and green. They say that blue and green should never been seen, but we see these colours every day With mother nature. Besides these are my favourite colours.

I never throw away the little wire stems on flowers. If you cut them off the flowers and twist them round a small knitting needle then slide them off, gently pull them apart a little and then you can use them in between flowers if you have any gaps.

Have fun in making your cake and of course decorating it.

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