Sunday, 27 October 2013

I love to know how to make things and feel frustrated when I can't find any instructions. So most off my blogg is going to tell you how to make things and not just look Pictures. I have been on the hunt for a wine Box to give as a present. I couldn't find anything on the net maybe I wasn't looking in the right Place. I have taken the idea from Magnolia Ink Magazine no 2 2013.

What you need to make Your wine Box

one plain and one pattern paper 12 x 12 inches.
2 circles of the patterned paper measuring 8,5cm x 8,5cm
Scor Board and cutting board ( or you can use scissors if you don't have a cutting Board).
glue ( I like to use glossy accents because you only need a little and it doesn't soak the paper)
Ink for edging ( I use Versafine vintage sepia)
small punch for small holes to thread your ribbon through.
The rest is up to you on how you want to decorate Your bottle holder.

Cut Your plain card stock to 26cm x 26cm.
Using Your scoreboard score at:- 4cm   8cm   12cm   16cm   20cm   and 24cm

Turn Your paper round and score at:- 3cm and 23cm
Now use Your ruler and mark the centre of each panel both at the top and bottom of your paper.

Once done make a hole in each triangle as shown in the photograph BUT only at one end of Your paper as this is where the ribbon threads through at the top of Your Box.

Now you can cut out Your triangle's With Your scissors and both ends of your paper.

Ink all Your edges With Versafine ink.

Now from your patterned paper you need to cut 6 panels measuring 20cm x 4cm and ink all the edges.
Next glue your 2 circles of patterned paper together making sure the patterned side is facing upwards as the Box will sit on top of it. You could use just one circle but for strenght I prefer to use the 2 circles. Once glued together then you should ink the edges.
Once your inking is done it's time to put your Box together. First glue all your panels onto your plain background paper then glue the sides together making sure the smallest panel is glued inside the largest panel, so once finished all you will have are the 6 panels.
Now at this stage I like to put the bottle of wine in the Box as I glue the bottom to the circle.The weight of the bottle helps to keep the circle glued to the Box and it's much easier than trying to put your hand through.
Now your wine bottle Box is finished . It's up to you now to decorate it as you want. Here are some photographs of the ones I have made. So I will sit back and have a glass of wine in the knowledge that you are having fun in making and decorating your wine Box.
Keep smiling


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